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National Book Lovers Day: Dive into reading with these four apps


National Book Lovers Day is the perfect time to embrace the comfort of a beloved book or embark on a new literary journey with the help of reading apps. Are you prepared to traverse the virtual landscape of literature? Discover our selection of the top four free apps that promise to sweep you away on a new adventure.


Amazon’s audiobook subscription service offers different levels to suit your listening pace. Get started with a 30-day free trial and enjoy unlimited access to thousands of select audiobooks, podcasts, and originals. Each month, you can choose and download one audiobook to keep, regardless of your subscription level. The service seamlessly syncs across Amazon devices, laptops, and various platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Plus, there’s no commitment – you can cancel anytime. Click here to sign up to your free trial.

All You Can Books

All You Can Books offers a comprehensive platform for literary and entertainment exploration. Users can access a diverse range of content, including E-books, Audio Books, Language Courses, and Podcasts, conveniently available on major devices via a user-friendly app. The subscription includes unlimited access and downloads, with a monthly fee of USD $19.99 (approximately £11.79) after the initial 30-day trial. This subscription cost rivals that of competitors’ single-book pricing. Join All You Can Books to enjoy a value-packed experience of learning and entertainment. Claim your 30-day trial here.


BookFunnel lets you dive into books instantly with just a tap or code. Enjoy easy-going audiobooks with cool features like bookmarks, adjustable playback speed, and a snooze timer. The clever “Magic Sync” keeps your bookmarks aligned across all your gadgets. With a handy built-in cloud reader that saves space and the option to snag and move E-Books, BookFunnel suits all kinds of reading styles. Plus, the BookFunnel App is totally free — no hidden premium stuff or ads.  Check BookFunnel out here!

Kobo Plus

Your Kobo Plus library accompanies you wherever you are, whether you’re cosied up with your Kobo eReader or on the move using the app. Transition between devices seamlessly and continue your literary journey uninterrupted. Embark on a 30-day trial to delve into diverse content, with the flexibility to cancel at your convenience. Construct your library with an array of titles, accessible across all devices. Enjoy a free trial as a new subscriber here.

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