About Reward Mobile

You’re here because your employer wanted to say thanks: thanks for all the hard work; thanks for going above and beyond; and thanks for just being all around great at what you do. That’s why they sent you to us. So we can help you save a little more on one of life’s essentials, your mobile phone. What’s more, we also offer great discounts on Tablets and Home broadband too.

We’ve been going strong with the guys over at EE for a while now. So steady in fact, we’ve managed to secure some pretty incredible savings on your mobile phone contract. So go check out the site, and you’ll see exactly what we are talking about.

Who are Reward Mobile?

Reward Mobile was born out of our long-serving relationship with the UK Police service, spanning nearly 25 years. Our humble beginnings started by providing business tariffs to the UK Police Federations. With the relationship growing stronger EE became increasingly impressed by what we were doing. So, they gave us access to a wide range of exclusive personal tariffs. That way, we could help the Police Federations spread a few of those savings back on to their officers.

And that’s where we began, as a way of rewarding Police Officers and their families through the Voice 999 website. But now, well we’ve expanded into so much more. Enter Reward Mobile. Our way of extending those same offers to NHS workers, care workers, and many more. Through our web store, you can access exclusive offers on the EE network.

Award Winning Customer Service from Reward Mobile

It’s a bit corny, but we’ve always thought the customer should come first. From our sales advisors who answer calls from morning until night to help with customers looking to connect their new devices, to our Customer Services team who are always on the end of the phone and eager to help out. As a company that was built on saying thanks, it is important for us to know that you are treated well, every step of your Reward Mobile journey. And that’s why we were honored to be named Best Pay Monthly Partner for Service at the EE Independent Retail Partnership Awards for 2019.

Award Winning Customer Service from Reward Mobile