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Mobile Phone Fraud
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Mobile Phone Interception

  1. Fraudsters cold call a customer to offer a competitive device deal saying they are from a reputable firm (such as EE).
  2. Then raise an order themselves online with a legitimate company (such as Reward Mobile) – posing as the customer.
  3. They change 1 detail of the order, so when the customer receives the phone it is the wrong colour, or model etc.
  4. The customer is encouraged to return the handset to an incorrect address so the fraudster receives the phone themselves.
  5. The fraudster may ask you to send details via WhatsApp – DO NOT do this.

Its important that you only return Reward Mobile items to our official returns address below:


If in doubt contact Reward Mobile customer service team on 0300 373 0590



Reward Mobile will NEVER ask customers to contact us or send ANY details or documents via WhatsApp.

This is a clear red flag to being a fraudster.


Security & Validation

Due to ongoing issues security & validation checks may be done on all reward mobile orders.

We will contact you via email from [email protected]

We will NEVER contact you, or ask you to send anything, via WhatsApp


More Fraud Types

What is Online Fraud?

With the rise in online account management and transactions, cybercriminals are increasingly attempting to access customers’ personal accounts to conduct unauthorised transactions in their names.

Previously known as identity theft, this crime used to involve fraudsters searching through your bins for personal information on documents. Nowadays, they may inundate you with phone calls, SMS messages, or emails, posing as representatives from legitimate organisations to trick you into providing your account details and passwords.

What is Account Takeover?

An account takeover occurs when a fraudster gains control of your account and alters your personal information to make unauthorised transactions. This can happen with any type of account, including bank, credit card, or email accounts.

Online banking accounts are often compromised through methods such as phishing (sending emails that appear to be from a reputable company), spyware (software that secretly transmits information from a computer), or malware (software used to gain unauthorized access to a computer).

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