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5G is the next generation of mobile network. These days almost everyone is on 4G, but with 5G ready phones and new masts being built all the time, the UK is getting ready to join the mobile revolution. 


Because 5G isn’t just a tick box. It’s not a meaningless step in a ranking system. 5G offers speed and quality to your internet experience that we just haven’t experienced before. Be that gaming, watching Netflix, business, shopping or travel, 5G is a game changer. It’s more than just 4G with a fancy upgrade. 


5G on Three

All Three SIMs get access to their 5G network – at no extra cost – letting you enjoy the best 5G experience around. They’re the only network in the UK with 140MHz of 5G spectrum, which can dip to 100 MHz when traffic is high. 100MHz is the recognised standard so Three has you covered and then some. Put simply, this allows them to reduce issues and congestion, letting you have an uninterrupted connection at all times. 


On their network your download speeds could be 100 times faster than your old 4G connection. That is insanely quick. You could download a movie in seconds, rather than minutes, play games with an incredible connection and ultra-low latency and never have to deal with buffering again.  


The Possibilities of 5G

It’s not just speeds. 5G makes Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality a, well, reality. Anywhere. You could be shopping and see a new TV you like, but you’re not sure if it’ll fit in your living room? With 5G you could create a holographic TV at home to see how it looks or project the TV onto a photo of your living room.  


Or you could be on a train and watch the latest action sequence on public transport not just on your phone, but in AR. You could literally be in the middle of your very own Hollywood fight scene, all thanks to this high-speed, low-latency connection.  


Just wind the clock back to 2003, when all we had were texts and calls. 3G was an incredible, never before seen step. 5G is that big of a leap. Let your imagination run wild because whatever you can think of, 5G can probably do. 


So, discover 5G with Three and step into a world of infinite possibilities. 

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