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Make the Most Out of 2023 with the Best Mobiles on the Market


A New Year opens up new thrilling adventures and possibilities. Don’t miss a single one by relying on an unreliable mobile device. Get the best phone on the market now to make sure you can capture everything! To help choose the right phone for you, we’ve hand-picked the most reliable mobiles to ensure you are able to stay on track throughout 2023, without any technical difficulties interrupting the fun.

Meet travel plans and stay safe with the iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 places your safety at the heart of its latest design, with a built-in satellite communication feature (only available on 14 Pro) and ‘Emergency SOS Crash Detection’. This means you stay connected while you travel with peace of mind that you will be able to communicate with services at the most crucial of times.

The design of the iPhone 14 offers a bigger display and improved battery life to guarantee maximum clarity for daily use and longevity to keep you on the move all day. Another brilliant addition to the iPhone 14 is the newly introduced A16 Bionic Chip. This creates impressive performance to navigate all your favourite social media, video and game apps quickly as well as allowing you to capture smooth shots of all life’s events on the phone’s high performing camera – which offers incredible photography, regardless of the lighting.

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Be the envy of all your friends with the Google Pixel 7

The Google Pixel 7 is a worthy contender in this handset round-up. The highly anticipated Tenor G2 chip improves the Pixel’s performance tenfold to offer stunning fluid graphics, advanced speech recognition, extraordinarily detailed video and pro-level photography.

The Google Pixel 7 guarantees the highest rating for security with its Titan M2 security chip allowing you to make transactions, access sensitive files and navigate your apps while reducing the risk of your data being stolen. Google’s latest handset will be your trusty ally from the moment you wake up to whenever your day ends, as the upgraded battery pledges 24+ hours use and fast wireless charging to assure you stay connected and on top of life without your phone dying along the way.

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Keep Your Life Effortless with the Galaxy Z Flip4

Samsung has truly revamped and revitalised the classic flip phone with the latest technology to create the Galaxy Z Flip4. This small but mighty phone has a durable unfolding 6.7-inch display and ultra-thin glass that will make every touch feel smooth and effortless. The flip ability offers a simplified solution to answering video calls and capturing videos with friends and family as it is able to support itself – removing the annoying issue of having to find ways to awkwardly balance your phone while you’re busy.

The cover screen saves you valuable time by allowing you to see and respond to texts and notifications without having to access the main screen, so you never miss anything. Plus, the phone is just really fun to use!

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