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Ten Mobile Games You Can Play with Loved Ones This Christmas

Christmas is a time for sharing, for celebrating with loved ones and anyone you hold dear. Over the past twelve months, it’s been easier than ever to feel disconnected, and that’s why we’ve compiled this list of some of the mobile games you can play with your nearest and dearest this festive season, whether you’re physically near or far. All you need is a mobile phone – and we’ve got plenty of winter offers to help you save money on handsets and tariffs this festive season.

Draw Something Classic

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Let’s kick this list off with a classic! Draw Something is perhaps the world’s best-known drawing game app. Since it was first released, this mobile game has been responsible for over 7 billion drawings – talk about impressive. Draw Something is a technological twist on Pictionary: the rules are the same (pick a word, draw it, your opponent tries to guess what the word is), while the app allows you to play with friends and family or other players around the world.

Heads Up!

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Another classic party game, Heads Up! is a sensational twist on charades: you select a category, hold your phone against your forehead, and your friends shout out clues until you guess the name on screen. Heads Up! isn’t designed to be played remotely (though the game could be played over Zoom with a good internet connection), but if you are seeing family or friends this Christmas, there’s plenty of fun to be found with this app.

Mad Libs

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A digitalised take on the classic kids game, Mad Libs is storytelling at its most sensational. The rules are the same as they’ve ever been: fill the blanks with the requested word type, then sit back and delight in the most ridiculous story you’ve never heard. There are twenty-one free stories to choose from, interactive hints and word banks, awards for playing, and you can choose whether to play solo, with a partner or as a group – for even more off-the-wall storytelling with your nearest and dearest.

Just Dance Now

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Yes, the world’s favourite dance video game has an app. Get your groove on to any number of breakaway hits and sensational anthems with Just Dance Now. Simply connect your phone to an internet-enabled screen, select your song, and go! You can dance against other players or alone, create playlists, even track the calories you’ve burnt. The app is free to download, but you are limited as to how much you can play without making in-app purchases. For a daily chance to get your dance on, there isn’t a game that does it better.

Party Stater

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Party Starter is a mobile game that does exactly what it says on the tin. Containing a collection of classic drinking games (please note, this app does contain suggestive themes and is not suitable for young children), if you want an effortless way to keep friends engaged and entertained, this app does the hard work for you. Party Starter includes Most Likely To…, Never Have I Ever…, King’s Cup, True or False, A to Z, Explain the Word, and Party Starter Classic – plenty to keep the drinks flowing and energy going late into the night.


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A classic game of cunning, Psych! is an app that invites you to outwit your friends. Choose from a variety of categories and make up fake answers to real trivia questions. The challenge is then to pick out the real answer from your friends’ fakes, or to trick other players into thinking your nonsense is truth. Learn something new while revelling in fun and fantasy – there are few apps that can boast the ability to offer that.


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When it comes to trivia, there’s none better. QuizUp boasts 1,200 topics with more than 600,000 questions – and those numbers are ever-growing, so you never have to worry about running out of ways to play. Challenge people on anything from entertainment through general knowledge to basic maths. Play head-to-head against friends or start entire tournaments against people. All you have to do to win is be the quickest on the draw.


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Spaceteam is chaotic brilliance. The premise is thus: you and your friends (2-8 players) are racing to pilot a spaceship away from a falling star. Each person’s device screen displays a different section of control panel. The aim of the game is to shout the given instructions at each other until the person who has that control on their screen (in some cases, that will be you) hits that control. If you want a game with ridiculous-sounding techno-babble, this is definitely one of the best mobile games for you.


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The classic card game is available in-app form. What’s more, the UNO! app offers multiple takes on the original – so you can play in the way that suits you. You can play with family and friends, even talk to fellow players while you play through the app’s in-built text and talk functions. You can play standard games or even enter tournaments. It’s a game that’s been going strong since 1971 – which pretty much speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Words With Friends 2

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Words With Friends is an old reliable. This longstanding favourite viral mobile game is essentially Scrabble – but for your phone. It’s designed for interacting online, enabling you to play (as the app title suggests) with friends, wherever in the world they might be. You can also play against other players around the world. This sequel to the original is a revitalised but familiar take on the classic.


And that’s it, the mobile games that will give you plenty of ways to have a blast with family and friends this Christmas. There have never been more ways to communicate – and we’ve got plenty of offers to help you save money doing exactly that. We’ve got discounts on iPhones, Samsung phones, Google phones, and Three SIM only contracts. For our full range of festive deals, visit our Winter Offers page.