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Get Festive With Your Mobile Phone This Christmas


It’s been a tough year, for sure, but Christmas time is here once more! The most festive of seasons is upon us.  To help spread the festive cheer, we’ve compiled some of the ways you can get into the Christmas spirit using your phone. That could treating a loved one (and/or yourself) to a new phone from our array of winter deals. Perhaps you want to create novelty photos and videos, or something else entirely. Read on to find out how you can get festive with your mobile phone.

Advent Calendar 2020: 25 Days of Chri Gifts

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Start each day the right way, with a little gift to yourself. With Advent Calendar 2020: 25 Days of Christmas Gifts you can countdown the days until Christmas and begin each morning with a brand new game. All of this is presented in an iconic Christmas setting with enchanting animations. Behind every door on this advent calendar is different activity to get you in the festive spirit. It’s a cute, uncomplicated and an entirely charming way to introduce the Christmas spirit to your daily routine.

Speak to Santa – Santa Call

Get it: Apple / Android

Yes, you read that right: with this app you (or the young children you set the app up for) can video call with Santa Claus himself. Simply set up a profile – including your child’s name, interests, and favourite colour – and they get a personalised call from Santa giving them tips for getting on the nice list or even telling them what they’ve done that’s naughty. It’s recordable, too, so you can preserve your child’s reactions.

That’s not even the best part. The app also includes a Beardifier (to add beards to your photos), an Elfifier (to add elf ears and hats to your photos), and Elfbook (the elf and reindeer edition of Facebook). Perhaps the most entertaining feature is the Naughty or Nice Scanner: customisable to always show nice, always show naughty, or be set to random, you can have endless fun finding out where your family, friends, and pets sit on the scale between naughty and nice.

There is a charge for this app to unlock all the features, but there’s plenty of ways to personalise your calls from Santa – and plenty of other features to unwrap within the app – to make that worthwhile.

Elf Yourself

Get it: Apple / Android

Classics are considered classic for a reason. Superimposing your face – or the faces of your nearest and dearest (or pets, or anything really) – onto the bodies of all-dancing, all-prancing elves as they frolic around a variety of different festive scenes: will that novelty ever wear off?

Once you’ve downloaded Elf Yourself, all you need to do is align your face correctly within the frame and the app will do the rest of the work for you. It’ll talk you through each step to make your unique video, show you how to add multiple elves if you want to include family, friends, or animals, and offers an array of scenes in which you can place your customised characters.

What’s more, there’s an augmented reality option that enables you to bring the elf-self you created into the ‘real world’ (or at least see your elf-self placed into the room your in on your phone) and take photos for even more festive fun.

NORAD Tracks Santa Claus

Get it: Apple / Android

Talking of classics, we’d be amiss if we didn’t include one of Christmas’ most longstanding technological traditions. In fact, this one predates the very invention of mobile phones. The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) have been tracking Santa as he travels around the world dropping off presents since 1955.

The NORAD Tracks Santa Claus app features the long-celebrated Santa tracker. So, that come December 24th you can watch in real time as the legend himself delivers gifts all around the globe. There’s plenty to keep you occupied until then, too. You can learn about how and why the NORAD team track Santa. You learn about holiday traditions around the world, and even about Santa Claus himself. Oh, and they tell about the magical sleigh that makes his Christmas Eve journey possible.

What’s more, there’s a new game you can play within the app every day on the lead up to Christmas. The app doesn’t feature the seasonal music that makes the NORAD Santa Tracker website feel so festive, but everything else is here.

Give (and/or get yourself) the gift of mobile communication this Christmas

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