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Four music streaming platform updates you do not want to miss


The fastest momentary escape from a world that is riddled with chaos is through music therapy. No distractions but utter serenity from a playlist that is custom built to accommodate any emotion regardless of time and place. To enhance the listening experience, here are some exciting updates being introduced by your favourite streaming platforms.

Spotify becomes OCD friendly

Since its transformative launch in 2008, Spotify has grown to become a household name across the world. Fast forward 14 years and the brand is still thriving with a new objective in the works to improve the user experience. At this moment, all categories of audio available on Spotify exist on the same feed. This is an issue for when you want to revisit your favourite podcast but have to swipe past several song recommendations and playlists before you can access an episode. The new design is focused on its home tab with hopes it will generate separate feeds for music and podcasts. Which in return will make accessibility much more proficient and recommendations highly personalised.

Apple Music introduces live sessions

Apple enthusiasts are in for a sensational experience with the newly introduced ‘Apple Music Sessions’. This section will bring listeners live releases from both well-known and emerging artists from across the globe. Not only will you get exclusive performances from your beloved artists, but you’ll be able to listen through Apple’s immersive spatial audio which will provide you with 3D quality tracks. The performances will all be filmed exclusively for the sessions, allowing users to watch the videos as well as listen to the audios separately. Country music stars, Carrie Underwood and Tenille Townes will be the first to take the stage.

Deezer’s smart sleep solution

Although Deezer is a lesser known music streaming option, it certainly does succeed on delivering an overall optimal listening experience. Not only does it provide personalised features and automated recommendations, it also has a sleep timer that you can use with the free subscription. It can be extremely difficult for a number of people to fall asleep in complete silence, therefore listening to an album or podcast can aid them to gradually drift off. The sleep time feature allows you to select the playlist or podcast you’d  like to listen to, and then the amount of time you’d like the audio to run for (from 5 minutes to one hour) allowing enough time to enter dreamland.

YouTube Music improves its navigation

YouTube Music has solidified itself as a successful global streaming service in a growing market. Over 50 million people are currently subscribed to YouTube Music and/or the Premium alternative. To improve the navigation of the app, YouTube Music has redesigned its interface to include a 6×2 grid for its new ‘listen again’ section. This is where you can find your most listened to tracks without having to use the search bar. The best part is you can revisit up to 94 songs without having to like tracks or add them to your playlist.

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