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5 Ways to Save with Technology


We’re sure we don’t need to tell you about the rising cost of living. With prices going up across the board, we’re all feeling the pinch. But we do know some ways that’ll help you save money with technology. Here are our top tips to help you take back 2023 and put you in control of your spending.

Say goodbye to standby

Leaving electronics on standby sure makes life easier, but did you know that turning appliances off at the plug could save the average home £55 a year? And you won’t just be saving money, you’ll also be helping to save the environment. So switch off those TV sets, games consoles, and even microwaves when they aren’t being used.

Save money on your phone contract

As now’s the time to be checking in on your monthly expenses, you might also want to take a look at how much you’re spending on your phone. There’s a good chance you could be getting more for less by switching to a SIM only contract. At Reward Mobile, we have a whole host of deals offering unlimited minutes and texts along with a data plan to suit you. Starting at £7 per month, our 8GB deal ensures you only pay for what you need. Or you can get a deal that’s fun, fabulous and flirty at 30GB for only £10 per month. If you’re still in need of something more, the possibilities are unlimited with our Unlimited data deal for £16 a month. And with our cashback offers, you’ll be able to save even more each month no matter which contract you choose.

Use savings apps and extensions

If you can think of it, there’s probably an app for it, so why not look into some that could help you save money? Alongside mobile banking apps that let you keep track of your finances from your phone, you can download apps that help you to plan budgets, give you cashback, compare your supermarket shop, find special offers and more. You can also find similar extensions for your web browser that will help you save when you shop from your computer or laptop.

Make the switch to LEDs

Lighting makes up around 15% of the cost of electricity bills in many UK homes. One way to save on these costs is by switching to LED light bulbs. Although more expensive than traditional bulbs, the average UK household could save £40 a year by replacing all their lights with LED bulbs. They also have the benefits of a much longer lifespan and using a lot less energy.

Get energy smart with a smart meter

Installing a smart meter lets you easily keep track of your energy usage. By being able to see what’s being used, when it’s being used and how much it’s costing you, you can make changes to reduce both your consumption and your bills. Some smart meters also let you control your heating remotely, making it easy to lower the thermostat or turn it off completely. Many homes already have a smart meter installed but if you don’t have one yet, you can wait for your energy supplier to get in touch or request one for free.

Rising costs are the last thing we all need after the past two years, but there are lots of ways to look after both the pennies and the pounds. We hope our saving tips help you take back 2022. And if you’re after a great deal on a new phone this year, we can help you with that too.