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Here’s what to expect with Apple’s latest iPhone 14 model


The countdown has officially started for the highly anticipated release of the latest iPhone 14 models. This is why we are here to gently ease you into the launch with what you can expect to witness with Apple’s latest addition to its iPhone empire. With a selection of rejuvenated colours, ground-breaking emergency software, and an updated camera lens, here is everything you will want to know about your new smartphone.


If purple is your colour, it’s your year!


You don’t need to be a dedicated Apple enthusiast to know that their handset line-up features an exclusive new colour every year. This time round, it is safe to say, the “deep purple” is the talk of the town (or in Apple’s case the world). The only limitation is that the new shade will only be available for the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro model. But that doesn’t mean you can’t delve into another new shade. The 6.1-inch iPhone 14 model will come in five stunning colours: Midnight, Starlight, Elegant Purple, Product Red and “a new shade of blue”. Alongside the deep purple, the other iPhone 14 Pro shades will consist of Silver, Gold and Midnight Black.  What are you leaning towards?


This smartphone will save your life


One of the most revolutionary features that has been introduced with the iPhone 14 (or perhaps in any commercial smartphone previously) is the added ‘Emergency SOS Crash Detection’ software, available in all four iPhone 14 models. The title says it all, but to set the scene, here is why it’s a phenomenal creation by Apple. If someone has been in a car accident and is knocked unconscious, the phone will instantly detect the force of the trauma and transmit an SOS to the emergency services to send out assistance to your location. Secondly, we have to mention the ‘satellite communication’ feature that will give you the added security for when you somehow find yourself deserted and in a critical position. The magnificent brains behind this update have found a ground-breaking solution to provide your smartphone with a service range in the most isolated places on earth. It ingeniously works by instructing the user to point their phone at a communication satellite that is floating above the earth. It is impossible to know this simply by the naked eye, but Apple have you covered. The phone has a built-in detector that will advise you where to point your device. All you need to do is be outside with a clear view of the sky to connect to the satellite. You will also no longer have to send lengthy texts that would otherwise take a considerable amount of time to send. Instead, you will be able to simply press message options that have already been written out for you, allowing you to quickly inform the emergency services of the situation you are in.


The display just got bigger, and so did the camera (again)


Just when you start to think the iPhone camera can’t get any better, Apple are once again able to deliver. For the first time since its conception, the iPhone Pro and Pro Max models will be saying goodbye to the 12-megapixel sensor and incorporating a 48-megapixel in its place. The new camera will offer an improvement to the already impressive low-light photography feature with its new quad-pixel sensor that will offer a f/1.78 aperture and 24mm focal length in the main camera.  The newly introduced and powerful A16 bionic chip goes hand in hand with the steady camera feature, allowing you to capture smooth shots whilst in movement. The cinematic mode on the iPhone 14 Pro can now also capture 4K resolution at both 30fps and 24fps to give you the sunning video quality you have been craving.

You can finally say goodbye to the notch on the display screen too as both the iPhone Pro and Pro Max models will no longer have this. Instead, you will have an animated tab, titled the “Dynamic Island” that will be the home for both the face ID component and front facing camera. However, the most thrilling aspect of this is its ability to showcase live activity from your widgets and control your music. In addition to this, the soon to be released IOS 16, will give you the option to enable the ‘always-on display’ which will alert you to important information and reminders without having to wake up the display and use up your battery life. There is also a ‘sleep state’ that will darken your wallpapers to use less battery power in general.


Low battery, what?


How would you feel if we told you, the iPhone 14 had 20 hours video playback (16 hours streaming), up to 80 hours audio playback and a faster charging capability? Would you believe it? Or how about if we said, the iPhone 14 Pro model had up to 26 hours video playback (20 hours Streaming), up to 100 hours audio playback and also an improved charging capability, would that grab your attention? I think you can see where we are going with this…


Take a breather, we know it’s a lot to take in


We can feel your excitement emanating from beyond the screen. It is evident Apple have truly delivered on their ‘far out’ tagline and proven once again they mean competition.  With that being said, what are you waiting for? You can pre-order your iPhone 14 now!