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How to take part in this year’s European Day of Languages


As it’s finally European Day of Languages 2022 we’re posting this as your sign to finally take the leap and learn the languages you have always wanted to be fluent in. Not only is today the perfect day to embark on that journey, it’s also a time to mark the importance of protecting our diverse linguistic cultures. All it takes is one download of a language-focused app, and off you go on your learning adventure. Here are a few apps you may want to consider.

Duolingo expands its growing empire

Whether you have used this app previously or not, you have certainly heard the Duolingo name floating about. Since its launch in 2012, the platform has grown to become a success story that keeps on giving. Duolingo currently has over 43 different languages on offer for its users, including fictitious yet popular dialects such as ‘High Valyrian’ from Game of Thrones and ‘Klingon’ from Star Trek.

The interface features a range of entertaining characters, engaging storylines and witty quizzes to help you to memorise foreign words and lines instantly. The app also currently has several new language courses in the works and is planning on taking its educating value one step further by expanding into maths and brain training content to help users improve their thinking skills. You certainly do not want to miss it!

Rosetta Stone introduces self-study  

Three decades have past, and Rosetta Stone still has a way of enticing new learners to its platform. Most recently with an exclusive new offer to access the ‘self-study’ 12 months unlimited languages subscription for £9.99 per month (previously priced at £15.75).

You will be able to freely navigate the award-winning interface, create a personalised learning plan, have access to 24 languages and use its patented speech recognition engine on either your mobile or desktop. If that’s not enough to gain your attention, perhaps the 12 months ‘self-study + coaching’ offer will.

For just £14.99 a month (previously priced at £24.92) you can interact with a range of native certified coaches and experience extended sessions as well as have access to everything the singular self-study course has to offer. The discounted prices are only available temporarily, so we suggest you express your interest now before it’s all gone.

Learn Languages faster with Babbel Podcast

We all have our go to podcasts we tune into on a weekly basis, which leaves us with something new to think about or discuss. The genius team at Babbel HQ have recognised this trend and incorporated it into their own range of language learning podcasts.

Whether it be Italian or Spanish you seek to learn, there is a podcast specially crafted to familiarise the language through various scenarios including meeting with locals, unlocking the meaning of your favourite songs and keeping you up to date with recent events from around the world. The discoveries are endless and will keep your passion for your chosen language alive, with regular new episodes to keep you entertained whilst developing your ability to speak the language fluently.

Memorise with Memrise

The key brilliance behind the Memrise app is that it will certainly challenge you as a new language user. Memrise uses specially researched “scientific memory techniques” to take the user on an in-depth study of the language of their choosing. Encouraging more complex terminology but also utilising their short videos features to teach and break down words and phrases to make it easier to grasp the language.

The user is also required to type in the answer rather than select one out from a multiple-choice list. Although the likely hood of getting it wrong is higher on the first few tries, this method will allow the words to become second nature overtime and make spelling the terms much easier in the future.

To truly celebrate today and become fluent without any interruptions, it’s vital you have a sufficient data plan that will keep you focused on your new goals. At Reward Mobile, we can find you the best deal to assist in your language growth. This way you no longer have to worry about running out of data before you can reach your linguistic milestones.

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