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Google Pixel 6: Your Questions Answered


Google’s latest Pixel Event has aired and we are beyond thrilled with the results. The Pixel 6 looks every bit the heavyweight phone we’ve been waiting for from Google and we can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on it. The all-new Tensor chip is up to 80% faster than the Pixel 5 from 2020, as well as being power-efficient. It also combines AI with photography to give you some of the most stunning camera work around, with an AI that is only available on Pixel.

This will upgrade the look of your photos, de-blur faces and even remove distracting elements from your photos. It’s beyond anything we’ve seen on a smartphone to date and will be perfect for anyone look to find that perfect photo.

Now that the new Pixel 6 is here, we’ve searched the internet for most searched questions about Google’s latest smartphone and have compiled them all into this list. So if you’re looking for answers that last night’s event didn’t give you, or maybe you want to relive the magic, Reward Mobile is your one stop shop.

Will Pixel 6 have headphone jack?

There is no 3.5mm headphone jack on the latest Google Pixel or its Pro counterpart. Joining the trend of many modern phones, the Pixel 6 has done away with the traditional headphone jack. If you want to use wired headphones, you’ll need a USB-C adapter or USB-C headphones that can connect straight into the device via its charging port.

You can also grab a pair of Bluetooth headphones and have a wire free listening experience, perfect for house chores, public transport or exercise.

Will Pixel 6 have face unlock? What about a finger print scanner?

At last night’s event, we saw all manner of screenshots of the Pixel 6 in action. One sequence gave us a close look at the new security settings on Google’s new flagship phone. You’ll now have the option for Face ID and Fingerprint Recognition. This gives you more flexibility than the iPhone 13 which only has Face ID and will be a life saver in the mask wearing world.

Will Pixel 6 be dual SIM?

The new Pixel will have dual SIM functionality, perfect for anyone looking to combine work and their day to day lives in one handset. It also lets you have multiple providers in one phone, so if you often move between dead spots or just want a handy SIM for data when you’re out and about, then the dual SIM on the Pixel 6 has you covered.

Will Pixel 6 be 5G?

The latest network innovation, almost every new phone released now works with 5G and the Pixel is no different. Both the 6 and 6 Pro will launch with 5G ready technology, boost signals where you need it and give you the best performance possible on 5G. All without draining your battery for the trouble. Google boast that its capable of lasting 24 hours on a single charge and 48 hours on eco mode, although that definitely won’t be with 5G or 4G enabled!

Where to buy the Pixel 6?

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