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Pixel 6: What to Expect from Google’s Event


The Google Pixel 6 is set to be revealed today and there’s plenty to be excited about. From an all-new chip, a sleek new design and the incredible cameras we’ve come to expect from the Pixel. We’re all ready to see which rumours stand up to scrutiny and what’s complete fabrication.

After the iPhone 13 launch, we’re being treated to some of the very best phones ever this year. Google is giving is the Android equivalent, taking a true step towards greatness that has previously been out of their reach. The iPhone had a true redesign with the X, but the Google Pixel has been waiting for a similar treatment. This year? Well, this is that year.

An All-New Chip

Google has confirmed that they have created the new Tensor chip. Much like Apple’s bionic chips, Google’s new unique processor is built around Android, hopefully giving it the same level of performance, we’ve come to expect from iPhones. Google are yet to provide details on their latest innovation.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips have consistently unperformed compared to Apple’s bespoke Bionic chips and we’re excited to see if Google can rival, or even beat, the best of the best that smartphones have to offer. Last year’s Pixel 5 utilised the mid-tier Snapdragon 756G processor to keep a lid on prices, so this could be a true innovation for the Pixel.

Pixel 6 Design: A Bold New Direction

The Pixel 6 has had a true glow-up. The exact opposite of the iPhone 13, which has kept a similar style as usual. The small camera has gone, the muted colours are a thing of the past. Now a sleek camera bar runs full width across the phone and flashy blues, yellows and reds give the Google Pixel an incredible new look.

It’s clear that the Pixel 6 is designed to stand out from the crowd of high-end phones. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro look like they could stack up against the competition by providing a visually distinctive design and a chip that could rival the iPhone.

Launching with Android 12

The Pixel 6 will be one of the first phones to carry the latest Android OS and there’s loads to be excited about. Scrollable screenshots, a minute-by-minute privacy dashboard and full customisation. It is also rumoured to be the most AI-centric Google phone yet. This could result in better language translation and AI-assisted photos for your already excellent Pixel 6 cameras.

Join us later on today to watch Google’s Pixel event live. Stay tuned for all the details from the event and where to buy the Pixel 6 with Reward Mobile.