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Pancake Day: The Best Apps to Celebrate

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Egg, milk, and flour, pancake power! That most celebrated of culinary occasions has come around once more: it’s Pancake Day! Whether you traditionally mark the occasion with home-made food or take part in an annual pancake race (sadly, but understandably, the latter is likely cancelled for this year), there’s something to celebrate for everyone. To help you do just that, we found some of the best apps to help you have fun this Pancake Day.


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A one stop shop for all your cooking needs, Yummly does it all. This app offers more than two million cooking guides (which means there are plenty of different recipes for you to try out). It also offers timers to help you while you’re making your pancakes, and even the ability to add ingredients to a shopping list so you can make sure you’ve got everything you need before you start.

There are step by step photos to help you along your way, and helpful video tutorials to make the process of cooking your pancakes even easier to follow. All of this comes in a clear and easy to navigate design.

Pancake Maker

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Not up for cooking / don’t have what you need to make pancakes at home, but still got the craving for the egg, milk, and flour combo? Try Pancake Maker on for size. This is a game in which you make your own pancakes, virtually. There’s not much more to it than that: there aren’t levels or missions to unlock, but for all the fun of making pancakes without the kitchen clean-up that follows, this game seems to hit the spot.

Pancake – The Game

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Fancy the challenge of flipping pancakes but not drawn to the idea of cooking them? Well, you’re in luck. Because would you know it, there’s an app for that. Pancake – The Game is an app that invites you to throw the pancake, catch the pancake, throw it again, and catch it again (with the disclaimer that “no, seriously, that’s basically all you can do”). For a straightforward challenge this Pancake Day without the kitchen clean up, you’ll find none more primed for the occasion than this.

Pancake Tower

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Another app game for competitive fun this Pancake Day is Pancake Tower. The aim of the game is simple: stack pancakes on a plate as they finish cooking. How many can you stack before the pile falls over? Cute visuals and cosy music make this a thoroughly enjoyable challenge to try to beat.


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If you make pancakes but don’t share it online, have you really participated in pancake day? With this essential social media app you can take photos and add filters, film videos, even make ‘Boomerangs’ (short videos that reverse to play in an endless loop – prefect for footage of flipping pancakes) and share them with your family, friends, and followers.


Have eggs, milk, and flour ever sounded this exciting? Once the ingredients are bought (or the apps downloaded if you’re celebrating virtually this year) and your pancake flip is perfected, all that’s left is the eternal debate of which toppings are the tastiest (and how many you have to taste test to find out…).

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