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iOS 15 update: The new features coming to your iPhone


Apple’s iOS 15 update is bringing new features to your iPhone this year. Revealed at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the new update is slated to arrive this Autumn.

Apple has focused on quality of life over flashy new features. That said, there is still plenty to get excited about with iOS 15.

Facetime saw the biggest change. The video call service is now much more akin to Zoom and Teams, which we’ve all gotten used to over the pandemic. You can now see your friends in a grid view. You can also invite people from Windows and Android phones to join this previously exclusive club.

Videos, music and screen sharing can all be enjoyed on these shared calls too. We’ve all had to get used to a new way of communicating, but even after lockdown we’ll have friends and family far away. This lets you keep in touch, watch films together and make those miles feel a little smaller.

There’s also plenty of nifty features to improve sound quality. Spatial audio now makes your friends sound as though they are coming from the right or left of you. This depends on where their icon is on the screen, but is a good way to help you feel ‘together’. It also reduces background noise making you sound crystal clear. No more ‘can you hear me’ to bog down the conversation.

Not just Facetime for iOS 15

Other apps are also receiving some much-needed love. Safari’s search bar is now at the bottom of the app, saving you from juggling your phone to get to the top.

Share with you, an all-new feature for this update, lets you store links shared by your friends across apps. Now you don’t need to awkwardly message asking exactly what that song was, or where that article is, it’s saved for you in Apple Music, your newsfeed and even under their contact.

Perhaps the coolest feature is ‘live text’. Added to the camera, you can now transcribe you read with the touch of a button. Simply take a photo and the iPhone will do the rest. Be it that PowerPoint you couldn’t quite note down in time, or the menu you want to send to your friend. Transcription has never been easier.

Maps is now more detailed than ever. Individual lanes, 3D building and even a globe view are all available to help you navigate the world with ease. The weather app has also received a nice new gloss of paint too.

Finally, widgets have been added to the home screen to help you be more organised.

All in all, this update is about improving the little things you didn’t know were bugbears. iOS 15 may not be monumental, but it’s definitely worth getting excited about.

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