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Facebook Features You Might Not Know


Facebook is everywhere. With over 2 billion users, the world’s largest social media platform is on the majority of our phones. But it’s not just sharing pictures and messaging friends, Facebook can do much more. With that in mind, we had a look at Facebook and Messenger apps to see what features it has you might not know about.

How long do you scroll?

We’ve all been there, scrolling endlessly through posts, videos and the marketplace, but did you know you can see how long you’ve been scrolling?

To find out, just head to settings and privacy found in the main menu of your Facebook app. Here you can see ‘Your Time on Facebook’. This is the same on both Android and iOS and you will be able to see your daily average over a seven-day period.

Let’s be honest we’ve all been scrolling and lost track of time. Now, you can set a reminder which lets you decide a daily limit. Facebook will then pop-up and warn you when you’ve got there. Speaking of notifications, you can also set a quiet mode for a certain amount of time or at night so you don’t have any unwanted distractions.


We’ve all got that friend whose nickname is used more than their actual name. Instead of seeing their full name when they message you, Messenger lets you give them their own nickname.

All you have to do is head over to the app, select a conversation and then hit the ‘i’ button in the top-right. Not only can you edit your emoji, see all the photos you’ve sent each other and search in your conversation, this is where the nickname game begins. Just type in your friend’s new name, confirm your choice and you’re sorted.

Join the Dark Side:

As standard apps use a blaring white background that tires out our eyes and can be blinding when you’re just trying to check your phone at night. Messenger and Facebook now come with the option to save your battery life and your eyes too. Dark Modes take that stark white light and turn it into a soft black, making those late-night messages a lot easier on your eyes.

To turn it on in the Messenger App, tap your profile picture on the top left corner and select Dark Mode. In the Facebook App, head to the main menu and go to Settings and Privacy, before selecting Dark Mode and switching it on.

You and 49 Friends:

In an era of constant Zoom meetings and Skype calls, Facebook isn’t the only app out there that let’s you host huge calls with your friends. But it does also let you invite people to your Messenger Rooms even if they don’t have Facebook.

All you have to do is create a room, and from there you can share the ID through Messenger and email, letting you invite whoever you want. It’s perfect for the friends you have who live across the country or those who may still be a little nervous leaving the house.

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