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Four Apps To Help You Live More Sustainably

This month marks the 51st annual celebration of Earth Day. An initiative founded in 1970 to demonstrate support for environmental preservation, Earth Day (22nd April) is a prompt to re-evaluate what we’re doing – and what more we can do – to help the environment. With that in mind, we wanted to talk about the apps that could help you live more sustainably.

The theme for this year’s Earth Day is Restore The Earth. After looking at some of the best eco-friendly apps last month, this month we compiled a list of mobile phone apps you can use to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle.


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To learn how to live more sustainably, you need to understand the areas in which you can improve. GoLow is an app that not only enables you to calculate your carbon footprint. It also explains how different choices affect C02 emissions. GoLow will then give personalised advice, showing what steps you can take to reduce pollution and save money. As you work to improve your sustainability, you can set yourself dynamic challenges to improve your environmental impact. The app even has an inbuilt social interface so you can invite friends and participate in groups, sharing your achievements and supporting each other’s progress.


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CoGo enables you to track your carbon footprint in real-time by connecting to your bank account. It then gives you advice and tips to help you take action, make changes, and have a positive impact. CoGo can also be used as a way to find sustainable and ethical businesses in your area. This gives you opportunity to have a positive impact on the world by something as simple as where you choose to shop.


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Giki is purpose-built to help you be more sustainable in the way you shop. The app works via a built-in scanner, which allows you to check items while you shop to find out if they’re eco-friendly. Giki offers information like whether a product is responsibly sourced, committed to animal welfare, and packaged with recyclable materials. If a product isn’t eco-friendly the app will even offer you alternatives that are, so that making environmentally friendly product choices is simple.

Think Dirty

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Like Giki, Think Dirty is purpose-built to help you find sustainable products, though this app is focused on cosmetics. Think Dirty aims to educate people about the potentially toxic ingredients used in personal care and makeup products. It has an in-built bar code scanner, so you can learn about what’s in products as you shop. It even enables you to keep track of the items you already own.


Sustainable living is crucial if we want to build a brighter future. Apps like these ones are created to help us learn the negative effects of our daily choices and improve, so that sustainable living can become a natural part of our lives and the future. As we celebrate Earth Day this month, there’s no better time than the present to make sure that we’re doing our part for the world we live in.