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Why Reward Broadband?

Reward Mobile started by providing professional people with great deals on their mobile phone. And now we’re bringing professional level broadband into your home too. All at incredible prices. We’ve teamed up with one of the UK’s largest independent connectivity providers, Daisy Communications, to provide you with business grade fibre optic broadband at personal level prices. And with that, you get business level benefits to boot.

Unlimited Internet

Not a data cap or download limit in sight. That means unlimited downloads on the internet you are paying for.

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24/7 Incident Support

Our UK based service support is always on the other end of the phone. 24/7, 365 days a year.

Hardware that can keep up with our speeds

Having ultrafast fibreoptic internet is nothing without a router that can keep up, that’s why we supply a free Technicolor WiFi enabled router with your order.

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Professional Quality Fibre Broadband

Our providers mostly cover UK businesses meaning your superfast service wont be affected by the usual residential traffic.

All Online

Keep up to date on your billing and usage with our free online portal for managing your broadband package.

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Fast Fibre

With upfront and accurate speeds up to 76Mbps, you can be sure that you’ll stay connected to the entertainment you love. Our Fibre Optic lines are faster, and more reliable than regular old copper wires. Information is carried as pulses of light down microscopically thin ‘pipes’ of glass or plastic, before being turned into internet data. And that means you can keep up with the demands of modern entertainment, for speedy high quality streaming, online gaming with no interruptions and a reliable connection to your favourite film and television.

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About Daisy Communications

Daisy Communications are one of the UK’s largest independent connectivity providers. They provide solutions to businesses of all sizes and across almost every sector, making them experts in all things internet, telephone and more. And they’re letting us provide you with their professional fibre optic broadband, straight to your home!

Business Grade Broadband FAQs

Business Grade Broadband

What is business grade broadband?

Business grade broadband provides you with faster speeds than the residential kind – including better upload speeds meaning you can post to the web and make video calls with ease.

How can I receive business broadband?

Reward Mobile started by providing professional people with great deals on their mobile phone. And thanks to our relationship with one of the UK’s largest independent connectivity providers, Daisy Communications. We can provide you with business grade fibre optic broadband at personal level prices.

Can I change from a consumer service to business?

Yes, our service is compatible with the process required to move your service from the known providers to us, with little interruption to your service.

How do I pay for the service?

Payment will be made monthly via direct debit and you will receive your monthly billing via our online portal, My Account, or through the email address which you provided at the point of sale.

How fast will my broadband be? 

You’ll get the fastest speed that your telephone line can support. Click here to complete a speed check today and gain an accurate speed.

The download speed is expected to be up to a maximum of 76Mb† for Fibre (FTTC) enabled areas. Your speed will be presented as a range of values in megabites per second (Mb or Mbps). The actual speed you get will usually be within these values and may vary depending on line conditions. If you are not receiving these average speeds then please contact us via Live Chat, Facebook, Twitter or email.

What broadband packages are available in my area? 

Click here for available broadband packages in your area.

Getting on board with Reward Broadband

I already have broadband, how do I switch?

All you need to do is choose a package and sign up. We’ll do all the hard work for you and contact your current provider to arrange the transfer

Should I cancel my current broadband service?

No. If you currently have broadband – you’ll need an active service to switch to Reward Broadband. If you cancel your broadband account with your current provider your move will be delayed.

Once we have confirmed your service has been switched to us, you will then need to check that your old provider has cancelled your service. This should stop any unnecessary payments being made.

Can I use the router I already have?

We would recommend that you use the business grade router we supply with our fibre broadband service.  If you would like to use your own router then you will need to ensure it is compatible with the Reward broadband service and your router is compatible with VDSL2 fibre.
For assistance on setting up your own router to Reward Broadband then please contact us via Live Chat, Facebook, Twitter or email customerservice@rewardmobile.co.uk

What will I need?

  • You will need:
  • An Active Phone Line
  • Router (All Reward Broadband packages include a wireless router. Whilst you can use your own router we would strongly recommend using the router provided by us.)
  • Microfilter (This connects your router to the phone line) This will be included with the router supplied by Reward Mobile.
  • An internet enabled device (PC, Tablet, Phone)

Can I connect more than one device?

Yes, you can connect multiple devices either via the LAN ports or via wireless network.

How much does activation cost?

Activation costs are dependent on the package you select, please see our packages here. Please remember to check your expected speed before ordering a package.

How do I access my bills?

As a Reward Broadband customer, you will be given access to the MyAccount online portal, provided by Daisy Communications. Here you can access your bills and even report faults. More Information can be found here.

How do I raise an issue with my Broadband

If there is an issue with your broadband service you will need to log an issue with the Daisy Communications incident team who will be able to assist you. Just give them a call on 03333 202000. They’re open 24/7.

UK call charges

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