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Your go to guide to choosing the best handset for your family.

It’s no doubt that we all want and love to invest in the latest smartphone releases in the market, especially when it comes to Samsung and Apple devices. However, finding the right mobile phone can be difficult. If this Christmastime you are considering investing in the next smartphone or helping a friend/relative get the most value for money, then there is lots to consider.

If you have an older relative looking for a phone then visibility, usability and simplicity would need to be considered. The Apple iPhone SE, at only £24 a month, will give your beloved grandmother/grandfather confidence in using the simple yet efficient interface. Stay connected during the festive period with unlimited minutes and texts as well as a massive 100GB of Data; accessibility has never been easier on this user-friendly device.

Perhaps you are looking to share content and connect with your loved ones. The dynamic functions of family sharing are available on the Google Pixel 6 at only £39 a month. Whether you are holding virtual Christmas family parties, or simply want to check in on your young children or teenagers, the Family Link app lets you create healthy digital streaming to keep everyone safe. View their activity, manage their apps and never worry about connectivity with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 100GB  of Data.

We all have an aunt or uncle who dedicate great time and effort to capture the very best picture at a family gathering. With the 6.7 inch screen display and 64MP telephoto lens available on the Samsung S21  perfect photography is a touch away. Get your hands on this beautifully fused camera with endless capability at only £47 a month, also offering you unlimited minutes and unlimited texts alongside 100GB of Data.