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Benefits of an EE Business Plan

What are the benefits of an EE Business Plan?

If keeping your personal life separate from your business is important for you, getting a business mobile contract is a crucial step. In this article, we explore the key benefits of an EE mobile business plan and why it’s an excellent choice for you.

Thanks to our partnership with EE, we’re able to offer even more support for small businesses and sole traders. Getting the right mobile provider can provide excellent, award-winning coverage and a range of other solutions.

Unsure if you should be classed as a sole trader business or self-employed? Take a look at our helpful article – Am I a Sole Trader?

Benefits of an EE Business Plan

If you are looking at switching your mobile contract here are five reasons your next business phone should be on EE:

  • Uncapped speeds: EE is the UK’s best network for 4G and 5G. All 5G devices get uncapped 5G speeds for the fastest connectivity and download speeds. 4G devices benefit from the same on the 4G network too.
  • Stay connected data: If you use up your data allowance, we’ll keep you connected at 0.5mbps so you can always access essentials like email, WhatsApp and maps.
  • Wi-Fi coverage boost: Access to over 150,000 fixed BT Wi-Fi hubs across the UK, so you can connect in areas where you need a boost, with unlimited calls and texts.
  • Extended warranty: Free repairs or replacement from manufacturer faults for the lifetime of your plan.

Unlimited calls and texts: Make unlimited calls and texts in the UK without worrying about any additional charges or limits.

  • Upgrade anytime: Upgrade from day 15 of your new plan up to 90 days before it ends. There may be an upgrade fee to pay depending on where you are in your contract, but you can upgrade every two weeks if you want – simply return your old phone and sign up to a new minimum 24-month plan. Subject to terms and conditions.