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This is confirmation of your order including a link to the summary of the charges that are not included in your allowance along with some useful tips when connecting to the Three network. Please ensure your information is correct and do not hesitate to contact us if you need to amend any details.

Before dispatching your order, you will receive a text from ourselves obtaining your delivery date. If this is not convenient, then please contact us to rearrange the delivery.

Our courier, DPD, will text you before 9.00 am on the day of your delivery confirming your one-hour time slot.

If you are bringing your number with you via a PAC code, your number will transfer across to Three within 48 – 72 hours after the connection is live with Three (this is to allow time for you to receive your handset / sim without losing connectivity).

This is an electronic confirmation of your order, by placing your order with us you acknowledge and agree with the order confirmation terms on this page. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us using the details on our contact us page.

More Information

 Order Confirmation Terms 

In order to process your application, we will supply your personal information to Credit Reference Agencies to perform a credit check to assess your credit worthiness and to confirm your identity. Full details of how Three and the Credit Reference Agencies use this information is available in Three’s Privacy Policy. Are you happy to proceed?

A credit check will be carried out prior to your order being processed

No upfront fee: We won’t take any payment from your card today but need you to confirm the details for validation purposes. This will also allow us to conduct a fraud check.

With upfront fee: The device has an upfront fee, so we can use this payment for credit and fraud checking purposes. We will also conduct a credit and fraud check which will leave a record on your credit file.

The plan you’ve chosen is designed for your personal use only and is not intended to be used for commercial purposes – this means that we won’t be able to issue you with a VAT invoice for this plan, now or in the future. If you do need a VAT invoice for your mobile account, you will need to consider one of our business plans instead.

All handsets are supplied by Reward Mobile

Your plan includes both Go Roam in Europe and Go Roam Around the World. There is a daily charge to unlock your UK allowances in Go Roam Destinations for 24 hours. Its £2 in Go Roam in Europe destinations and £5 in Go Roam Around the World destinations.  The charge starts when you use any of your allowances in a Go Roam destination including making calls, sending texts or using data. There is no daily charge for Go Roam use in the Republic of Ireland and the Isle of Man. In Go Roam destinations you can: (1) call and text back to the UK; (2) call and text between our Go Roam in Europe destinations and; (3) get online – all subject to our fair use policies, which are available in full at and may be updated from time to time.

If you’ve chosen a plan with a data allowance greater than 12GB, a monthly fair use limit of 12GB currently applies in our Go Roam destinations, with data usage over 12GB (up to your allowance) being subject to a surcharge in our Go Roam destinations.

A Spend Cap can help you limit the amount you spend on top of your monthly plan each month. This is for services like premium rate calls, roaming in destinations outside Go Roam and international calling. It will not stop charges from third party services like Phone App-stores, In-App purchases and Subscription services. You can find more information by visiting You can choose to set a cap from £0 to £100 in £10 increments.

Your Monthly Charge doesn’t include any charges outside your allowance. Certain calls made within the UK, including calls to 070 numbers, are not included in your monthly allowance of voice units. If you’re calling a number starting 084, 087, 09 or 118, Three’s access charge is 65p per minute (with a one-minute minimum charge) and you’ll also be charged a service charge by the company you’re calling. They’ll tell you this.

Your Monthly Charge includes a £5 monthly discount for paying by a recurring payment method, such as Direct Debit. If you later cancel your recurring payment and pay by another way, you won’t benefit from this discount. The Monthly Charge for your Package is the minimum price you agree to pay us for Three Services provided to you under this agreement, for the Minimum Term.  Each April, your Monthly Charge will increase by the December CPI Rate plus 3.9%. We’ve shown an example in the following table of how this increase will work. For more information see Section 4.1 of your Terms & Conditions.

For example:

Three monthly charges

Throughout 2023 and 2024, Three will be making changes to and upgrading the Three Network. Following some of these changes, User(s) will need a 4G or 5G handset capable of making voice calls on the 4G network, or a 4G or 5G router to access the Three Services. 3G-only devices, and early 4G handsets that can only make 3G voice calls, will no longer work on the Three Network, in areas where planned work is carried out. For more information about coverage, go to

If you’re on e-billing, we’ll text you with a link to your first bill. Your direct debit will be taken no less than 5 days later. Otherwise, we’ll send your first bill within 20 days by post. It’ll be higher than usual because it includes charges for the first 2-20 days plus the next full month’s charge. Your subsequent bills will be charged at your agreed monthly cost, plus any out of bundle charges.  We will notify you when your bill is ready, and your payment is due.

9. SWITCHING: More information on Three porting service can be found here Switching to Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go | Three

If you want to end your contract before your Minimum Term is up, you’ll need to pay a lump sum equivalent to all your remaining monthly payments added up, less a variable discount, currently 3%. By going ahead with this today, you’re agreeing to our terms for using our network and services. A full copy of our terms and conditions are available on You should note that we try to make sure our services are available to you where you need them, but it is possible that the quality or coverage may be affected at times.

Where this happens, we’ve limited our legal liability to you. You must keep up to date with your payments to us for services you’ve used. If you don’t pay on time, your account may be suspended or disconnected.

Out of Bundle Charges 
Calls to personal numbers (070), directory services and 09 (premium rate) are not included on your inclusive allowance.
Service numbers starting 084, 087 or 188 (Access charge set by us). Plus a Service Charge set by the company you are calling (they’ll tell you this). 65p per minute
UK Picture Messages (MMS): 65p
UK to International calls up to: £2.75 per minute
UK to international texts up to: 65p
International to UK calls from: 3p per minute*
International to UK texts from: 4.9p*
For full international call, text and data charges, please visit
For Three price guide information please visit
Useful tips 

You will receive a text message from our despatch team to confirm your delivery date.

The My3 app makes it super simple to check how much data you’ve used and stay in control of your account wherever you are. For more information on the My3 app visit: You can also download the My3 app on your phone through your device’s store.

Setting up a new Three contract 

Your bill date is dependent on your contract start date, please find below a list of connection dates, your bill cycle date (allowance refresh) and Direct debit date. For example, your new number is connected on the 1st of the month, your bill cycle date will then be the 8th of the month and your DD will be taken on the 27th of the month. 

Three will set up your first bill within 9 days of creating your account (connection date) and send you a notification once it’s ready. Your bill will include details of when your payment is due.

Your first bill will be higher than your usual monthly charge as there may be some pro rata billing (Three will charge you for a month and up to 8 days)  so you can get started using Three straightaway. But don’t worry, it won’t be like this every month.


We can offer insurance which is provided by Warranty & Creditor Services Ltd (WCS) and the payment is taken independently by WCS by Direct Debit, to cover your phone against loss or damage.

You can find our full WCS insurance Terms and Conditions Here

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