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Galaxy Unpacked 2021: What To Expect

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If you’ve had your ear to the ground for the latest mobile technology news, you’ll have already heard the whispers. Well, it’s looking like they might be true: Samsung look set to launch their next flagship devices this month.

It’s always an exciting time when new phones are launched: new devices mean new technologies, new applications of existing technologies, and new possibilities. So, what exactly is it that Samsung have in store? We’ve rounded up the rumours to give you some insight into what the next year might hold for mobile phone technology.


Samsung have yet to officially reveal their new family of flagship smartphones. Until they do, we won’t know for sure how much is certain and how much is speculation. However, there are plenty of rumours to whet your appetite for what’s soon to follow.

If you believe what you read, Samsung are expected to launch their latest handsets early this year. The successor to the Galaxy S20 series, this new family of phones look set to spell plenty of change from last year’s models. Rumours suggest faster performance, a refreshed camera set up, and (following in the footsteps of the iPhone 12 launched earlier this year) reduced environmental impact with chargers no longer being included in the box.


Samsung have unveiled a new Galaxy S handset in February/March every year since 2013. However, the brand don’t look to be sticking to their usual schedule this year. Instead, they’re holding their Galaxy Unpacked event on 14th January, and a first look at the latest handsets from the mobile manufacturing giant seems likely to be high on the agenda.

That means there isn’t long at all to wait until we can see Samsung’s latest offerings in all their shining glory. For further details about the Galaxy Unpacked event, or to add the live stream to your calendar, visit the Samsung website.


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