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The rumours, leaks and latest for next year’s biggest handsets.

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The S20 Family

As we close in on the S20’s impending (expected) announcement in February, the leaks are coming in thick and fast.

On form factor, it’s looking highly likely the S20 range will feature a hole punch, centre screen cut out camera, much like the Note10. Alongside this, the already slim bezels of the S20 look to have shrunk even more.

While the S20’s already substantial camera array is looking to get even more impressive, with rumours of a 5x periscope zoom camera, an incredible 108MP lens and, thanks to a EU IP registry, something called Bright Night SensorTM.

What it’ll be called: To drive home the jump in tech from the S10 Samsung will be naming it the S20.

When will we see it: If Samsung’s history is anything to go by, announced in February and released in March.

iPhone 12 Family

We’re a little further off from the standard September release date of the iPhone 12, so we’re working with more rumour than leak for this one.

The official line from Apple on this handset is that they think it’s going to be big. Their latest forecasts for 2020 are looking at 100 million iPhone 12 handsets shipped. We can also be pretty safe in assuming that at least one of the range will feature a 5G chipset.

In terms of rumours, the higher spec Pro range are expected to come with buttery smooth 120Hz OLED displays. Meanwhile 6GB of RAM will help them make the most of that refresh rate and a 3D ToF camera will make anything they capture suitably impressive.

What it’ll be called: We’re a little less sure on this one, but after Apple’s dalliance with the X naming scheme they seem to have reverted back to the more traditional iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max names.

When will we see it: Much like the tides, Apple’s schedules should be relied on. We’ll get a first (official) look at the 12 range early-mid September 2020, going on sale at the end of month.

P40 Family

While the release date has been announced by Huawei themselves, there’s still much up in the air about what will be featured in Huawei’s new flagship.

The P in P series has always meant one thing: Photography. So we should expect a suitably impressive camera built into the P40. The rumours are saying a penta-lens camera designed by regular collaborator’s Leica. While the periscope configuration of the P30 is expected to return, bringing with it 10x optical zoom as standard, making for one seriously impressive handset for creatives.

Under the hood, we can expect to see the top of the line octa-core Kirin 990, bringing 5G with it. Combined with a speculated 10GB of RAM on the P40 and 12GB on the pro and you can expect some serious performance from Huawei’s latest handset.

What it’ll be called: We’d be surprised if these weren’t called the P40 and the P40 Pro.

When will we see it: Huawei’s official line on this one is March 2020.

Xperia 1.1

Sony run a pretty tight ship when it comes to leaks. As the flagship on this list is expected to come out first, yet the rumoured Xperia 1.1 has been pretty short on leaks.

What we’ve heard so far is that the 1.1, the successor to the Xperia 1, is likely to come with a four lenses rear camera and a juicy 4K display to enjoy the photos you take with it on. The other big news is expected to be that this will be Sony’s first step into the 5G handset market.

What it’ll be called: If previous naming conventions are to go by, this should be named the Xperia 1.1, although to push its 5G credentials we wouldn’t be surprised if they go with Xperia 1.1 5G.

When will we see it: A leaked, and alleged, Sony roadmap plots this to be on course for a February release at the Mobile World Conference at the end of the month.

Nokia 8.2

Hinted at during Nokia’s IFA 2019 press conference the rumoured 8.2 will be the European mobile manufacturer’s first foray into the 5G network.

Nokia are promising to “halve the price of 5G smartphones in 2020” most likely meaning that the 8.2 will be built using Qualcomms unreleased Snapdragon 7 Series 5G chipset. While the latest leaks suggest that it will come with a pop-up 32MB front camera and 64MP rear camera. Paired with a huge 6 inch or larger FHD+ display to admire those incredible shots on.

What it’ll be called: Expected to be the replacement of the 8.1, we would be surprised if this wasn’t called the 8.2, however nothing is set in stone yet.

When will we see it: There’s nothing concrete about the release date other than 2020. With the MWC coming up in February there’s a good chance we could see it come the end of the month, however there’s still a chance we may see something at the Consumer Electronics Show this January.

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