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iPhone 13 Launch: The Rumours, Event and More


The iPhone 13 is nearly here. At Reward Mobile, we’re beyond excited for the upcoming Apple Event, taking place on Tuesday 14th September. All will be revealed, but right now there’s a lot being said about what the new iPhone could be. With that in mind, let’s have a look at a few of the ideas circling around and try to figure out the fact from the fiction. 

What’s Going to be at the Event? 

There’s a lot of rumours about exactly what Apple will be revealing. Obviously, the iPhone is on everyone’s mind, but it could be more than just their flagship phone. The Apple Watch 7 looks like a strong possibility and potentially (fingers crossed!) the AirPods 3? As of right now, nobody outside of Apple themselves know what’s on the agenda for that conference. It could be just the iPhone or a whole host of Apple goodies. We think it’ll be the latter and can’t wait to find out what they’ve got in store!  

Stayed tuned for our live updates on our Twitter account from 6PM on the 14th. 

Rumours and Speculation 

We’ve seen online that people are expecting a completely different phone. They expect the iPhone 13 to be undergoing a full remodelling and with completely different functionality. It may have been all change worldwide, but we’re expecting more of the same from Apple this year. We think the iPhone 13 will have a lot in common with its predecessors. Same style, same presentation, more power and goodies inside to keep us hooked for another year. 

There’s also talk of a new addition to the colour palette. This year, Apple could go for a totally new look with bright bubble-gum pink. This would be a great option, especially following on from the previous addition of rose gold. I think we all know someone who would absolutely buy a pink iPhone, don’t we? 

For all you selfie fans out there, it looks like the front facing camera – or the selfie camera – could be in for a change. According to the rumour mill the notch, which has been present since the iPhone X, will be smaller than before – or even removed entirely. Making the new iPhone’s screen much sleeker and more sophisticated than ever before. 

The Four iPhones of the Apple-ocalypse  

There’s talk that we might see more than just the iPhone 13 this year. Alongside the more traditional sized handset, we could be looking forward to a Mini, Pro and Pro Max. According to CNET, we may already have insight into size, storage and cameras for each of the new iPhones. It’s worth noting that this is purely speculation, but to help you get to grips we’ve created this handy table with everything inside.  

Don’t worry if you don’t know what a LiDAR Scanner is – it just helps with autofocusing and with taking higher quality images in lower lighting. There is also talk of an extra feature that allows you to measure the height of you and your friends in pictures. I’m sure there’s a use for that! Cool party trick, maybe? Settle a debate with the guy who insists he’s six foot?  


  Size  Refresh Rate  Battery Size  Storage  Camera 
iPhone 13  6.1” (inches)  60Hz  3095 mAh  64GB, 128GB, 256GB  Portrait Mode video, new filter system 
iPhone 13 Mini  5.4” (inches)  60Hz  2406 mAh  64GB, 128GB, 256GB  Portrait Mode video, new filter system 
iPhone 13 Pro  6.1” (inches)  120Hz  3095 mAh  64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB  Portrait Mode video, new filter system, ProRes & LiDAR Scanner 
iPhone 13 Pro Max  6.7” (inches)  120Hz  4325 mAh  64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB  Portrait Mode video, new filter system, ProRes & LiDAR Scanner 


And that’s everything we have. Be sure to stay tuned for the latest news about Apple phones, including our upcoming offers and latest deals. You can do so by signing up for all things Apple here. 

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