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Charity Spotlight: Pendle Dogs In Need

As American journalist and author Christopher Morley once wrote, “no one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does.” Yes, it’s Puppy Day today (23rd March), and what more appropriate occasion could there be to shine a light on the importance of man’s best friend?

Here at Reward Mobile, we work to engage with local organisations and charities so we can contribute to a more positive world. One charity we regularly support is Pendle Dogs In Need, a community charity working around Burnley and Pendle to rescue, rehome, and rehabilitate dogs. This charity doesn’t just help dogs who have been abandoned or mistreated. They also run a doggy day care centre, The Dogs Den, to help members of the community with their pets, offering training and advice on anything they might need assistance with.

The statistics are staggering: research has estimated that around 130,000 dogs come into UK rehoming charities each year, according to UK charity Dogs Trust. This is why charities like Pendle Dogs In Need are so important. Since it was founded in 2013, Pendle Dogs In Need has helped thousands of dogs find new homes and live happy lives. “I came to be involved with Pendle Dogs In Need when my family adopted two dogs from them,” Phoebe Lomax – account manager at Reward Mobile and our resident animal authority – explains. “We saw the amazing work they did and we wanted to be involved.”

Raising money through donations, doggy day care, and Pendle Togs clothing shop, the charity is run by a dedicated team of volunteers to help secure loving homes for dogs in need. “From raising money to getting donations of things like dog beds, leads, and food over Christmas, we’ve helped for a while now,” Phoebe explains of Reward Mobile’s support for the charity. “Recently the Sports & Social Team members donated around £400+ which helped with some special case dogs that came to Pendle Dogs.”

Reward Mobile started out as a way to give back to our communities: to essential workers, to all our customers, to the world around us. We want to make sure the impact we have on the world is a positive one. Supporting charities and organisations that work hard to make a difference is just one way we can all do that.

“There are so many things you can do to help out,” Phoebe explains. “During the pandemic, we lost our main source of income – our doggy day care. At the moment we really, really need help with funds – and we’re always grateful for donations of leads, food, beds, toys, etc. You can also really help us simply by following our social media and liking and sharing our posts to give visibility to as many people as possible that can help us. We host lots of online raffles and auctions and all funds raised from these go directly to dogs in need of our help.”

For more information on Pendle Dogs In Need, and to find out how you can help, visit the Pendle Dogs In Need website.