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2019’s Best Handsets

iPhone 11 Pro Handset Image

2020 is shaping up to be a pretty incredible year for mobile, but 2019 wasn’t looking to bad either. Read on for our best handsets of last year.

Best All Rounder: iPhone 11

Why: Great Camera | Impressive Spec at the Price Point | Long Life Battery

Our best all-rounder this year may come as no surprise. As it has dominated the mobile market ever since launch. And there’s good reason the iPhone 11 has been on top this year.

The lower end iPhone this year didn’t really feel like the budget option for this year’s Apple flagships. Its unassuming dual lens camera performs to the same standard as some of the best android flagships that sport anywhere up to 6 lenses. While they didn’t skimp out on the internal spec either. Even when streaming video the battery life can go for up to 10 hours. While the 11 boasts the exact same A13 chipset as the far pricier 11 Pro and Pro Max, giving you the same performance as the premium option.

Best Affordable Handset: Samsung Galaxy A70

Why: Large FHD+ Display | Flagship Level Performance | Impressive Camera

A great affordable phone does it all, without breaking the bank. And in that, the A70 certainly fits the bill, making it our best affordable phone for the year.

With a sizable 6.7” display there’s plenty of real estate for streaming, while in full HD+ it will all look good while you do it. Add to that some impressive internals: 128GB internal memory, 6GB minimum of RAM, a sizeable 4,500mAh battery, in screen fingerprint scanner, and you’re talking a flagship level of performance for a fraction of the cost. And with an impressive triple rear camera to boot, it’s no surprise this is our best affordable handset this year.

Best for Creatives: Huawei P30 Pro

Why: Superb Camera | Striking Look | Great Battery Life

Early last year Huawei set a new standard for mobile photography with a phone built around one thing, its camera.

The quadruple lens camera system broke ground when it was released, but the innovations went deeper than the number of lenses they packed into the back of a handset. First up, Huawei changed the game with their RYYB sensor, as opposed to the standard RGB in most handsets. Then they pushed it even further with a standout 5x optical zoom, for highly detailed distance photography, combined with both OIS (optical image stabilisation) and AI digital stabilisation to keep those zoomed shots steady.

Best Super Premium: Samsung Note10+ 5G

Why: The best smartphone screen of 2019 | Innovative Stylus | 5G Ready

Why go for the second best when you can literally have it all. The Note10+ 5G packs in all the luxuries of now, with everything you’ll need for the future.

In terms of sheer screen size alone the Note10+ makes no compromises. With 6.8 inches of display in your hand, the technology behind the glass even more impressive. At 1440 x 3040 with 498ppi in its AMOLED screen, this is the best looking screen we’ve seen on a smartphone, full stop. While paired with the S Pen, and new motion controls, it makes navigating this beast easy, and endlessly entertaining. Importantly, powered by its 5G Chipset, the Note10+ 5G version is future ready too. And on a 5G network, your internet speeds may actually be able to keep up with this phone.

Sleeper Hit: Nokia 7.2

The Nokia 7.2 may have come late in the year, but it wasted no time impressing us for both price and performance.

With a surprisingly strong camera (48MP Rear and 20MP front lenses), it makes the 7.2 stand out in the world of affordable camera phones. Despite its low cost, the performance and feel of this device feels a lot less like a budget device and a little closer to a flagship. Plus, for those Android purists out there, this is the cleanest version of Android you can find outside of a Pixel. With no annoying first party bloatware to waste your battery.

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